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LLC «INTANT» Company

INTANT Company was founded in 2005.
We offer state-of-the-art equipment and effective solutions in these three major options as follows:

  • Safety Systems
  • Automation Systems
  • Electrical Equipment
Over its history the Company has established number of connections with largest equipment manufacturers. The Company’s supply program includes thousands of items from microelectronics to full-featured systems. Such a wide range of products gives you an absolute freedom of selection during your project realization stage. 

Warehousing and Delivery Service
We have our own warehouse with constantly updated range of equipment. The proximity of warehouse premises to our office allows us to fulfill most of the orders at your earliest convenience. We have special feature for our loyal clientele: the system of planned purchasing and warehouse booking. Moreover, you don’t have to come over to our warehouse and pick up your order because our “Doorstep Delivery” is the best and efficient method to get your order at your office or facility, enabling you to cut time expenditures and receive your equipment on time.
Technical Support
With purchase of our Company’s equipment, you can be confident in getting a professional assistance at any stage of your project realization. Qualified engineers are always ready to promptly respond to any questions and offer a wide selection of complimentary technical literature and catalogues. Based on wishes of our clients, the Tech Support experts can visit you with consultation and tune-up the equipment in place.

Service Center
Our authorized Service Center will allow you diagnose and repair out-of-order equipment as soon as possible.
System Integration Services
Experts of INTANT Company will always find the best solution, make proper estimates and pick equipment that fits your needs. A technical solution can be realized based on the client’s finished project or designed by our experts.
Training Center
The Training Center offers one-day promo- and complete advanced training technical workshops. We train new generation of safety systems, automation and electrical engineering experts. Best manufacturing designers and INTANT experts run both group and individual workshops covering most essential subjects.


  Процесс технического развития требует постоянного роста и стремления к совершенству. Развивается и наша компания, расширяя ассортимент и предлагая решения во всех областях энергетики.
На сегодняшний день мы осуществляем поставки современного и надежного оборудования среднего и низкого напряжения, компонентов автоматизации, электрораспределительных и сетевых шкафов.

    Наши партнеры:

1. Hyundai Electro Electric Systems

2. Wago Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. 

3. Advantech

4. Toten Cabinets

5. Rittal

6. Tempa Pano

7. Chint

8. ЗАО «Подольский завод электромонтажных изделий»

9. Delta Group

Благодаря этому союзу, мы можем предложить нашим клиентам эффективные решения в области автоматизации, защиты производственных мощностей и распределения электрической энергии, используя инновационные технологии всемирно известных марок, по самым конкурентным ценам.